Abnormal Abnormal Menstrual

Diabolic cramps and a steady diet of Ibuprofen may be more than enough to ask you: is this monthly agony normal? Sometimes, a little inflammation and cramping will be the order of the day, but at other times, the symptoms of your period could indicate something more serious. And when that happens, it’s time to make an appointment with your doctor.  If having colic is horrible now imagine the negative impact that would add to your life being sad all the time because of having ugly teeth, now that you have the opportunity to Dental braces in Tijuana

You’re bleeding a lot: Using super tampons on the worst day is one thing, but changing them every hour is another. If you are changing towels or tampons every 60 minutes for more than a day, you need to go with your gynecologist. This symptom does not necessarily indicate something serious (although it could be the fault of fibroids), but the hemorrhage could result in fatigue, dizziness and even fainting. Your doc will have to prescribe blood studies to see if you need iron in your diet.

No medication helps with colic: Severe pain is NOT normal. The most common cause of chemical cramps is the devil’s chemical called prostaglandin, but any anti-inflammatory drug should block the production of more. If no medication is helping you, you could be dealing with something like endometriosis, which is not only serious, but has no remedy and warrants treatment … sometimes until surgery.

Fever: Does your menstrual cycle result in a fever? Call your doctor. It could be pelvic inflammatory disease. In this case, you will need an antibiotic and regulate your temperature.

Bleeding between periods: Although it is normal to have bleeding between periods because of birth control pills. But if you do not take pills and you still have blood spots, you could have polyps in the uterus or some tumor. Similarly, bleeding during sex can be worrisome.

There is no period: Of course, a period that left on vacation may be a sign of pregnancy or the fault of a stressful moment, but if you are irregular, it is time to do a hormonal checkup. Look for other types of symptoms (such as hair growth), hellish pain, and it could even be polycystic ovarian syndrome.


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