Habits to Have a Health

When you try to lose weight, it will be tempting to look for the easiest route; be it the most absurd diet, the diet pills and even the exercise routine of Victoria’s Secret models. But believe it or not, the most basic rules could give you better results, than the shortcuts that promise you miracles. The first and most important health advice is to keep your teeth healthy with Best dentist Tijuana – samaritan.


Do not end with breakfast: We’ve all heard this, but only healthy people are paying attention. According to an American study, 96% of those who have a healthy weight eat breakfast EVERY day. It is also important that this breakfast be complete and have enough protein, be it chicken, fish or egg.

To sweat: Not to bother, or anything like that, but exercise is a ‘must’. No matter how expensive, horrible and annoying it is, it is important that you get active about 5 hours a week. If you do not sweat, you will not burn the calories your body needs to discard.

Weigh, measure, chew: We all have a relationship of love and hate with the scale, but according to a couple of American surveys, it is important to weigh yourself to maintain the ideal weight. And if you hate the number the scale shows you, what better than to do something to change it?

Forget about specific diets: Participants in this type of study were not fanatical about diets and 75% of them NEVER followed a trend in eating habits. But that does not mean that you can eat anything and at ease, you HAVE to pay attention to what you eat and the quantities.

Reconnect with the kitchen: Those who have a good weight and stay healthy can cook at home. And not only do they know how to cook, but they also have vast knowledge to prepare any type of dish; from vegetables, pasta, fish, chicken and eggs.

Listen: These healthy humans have the habit of paying attention to their bodies. If your body asks for water, do not you think you should pay attention to it? If your legs need to move, would not it be good to pamper them? Your body knows more than you imagine … and you can also express it.


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