How to make your own Toothpaste

More and more people are betting on developing their own personal hygiene products at home, as a way not only save money but also enjoy more natural formulas, without any chemical additives. From soaps to moisturizers, there are many products that we can make safely, as long as we have adequately informed ourselves on how to do it. We present two simple recipes for preparing tubes of toothpaste that will help us to have clean and healthy teeth. No matter if you make or buy your toothpaste you have to go with your dentist about any revision advice, or you have some strange pain, and you will have to go to New Age Dental Clinic for root canal in Tijuana.

The first one of them has as main ingredients: the white clay (it is necessary to specify when we buy it in the herbalist’s shop that can be ingested) that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects; sage and thyme, both with antibacterial properties; sea salt, anti-inflammatory; and stevia, a natural sweetener that will remove bitterness from the mixture. To prepare it, boil sage, thyme, and stevia (one teaspoon each). We filter the cooking and add the salt stirring to dissolve it. Once dissolved add the clay and mix until there is a uniform paste. We can add a little water to make it less thick. If we want to preserve the menthol flavor of traditional kinds of toothpaste, we can add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. It must be stored in the refrigerator in a sealed glass container.

Another straightforward option is to prepare a toothpaste based on brewer’s yeast, lemon, and salt. You have to mix a quarter cup of brewer’s yeast with two teaspoons of lemon zest and two teaspoons of salt. Mix everything in the blender, and you will obtain a paste with an enjoyable lemon flavor. It must be kept cold in an airtight glass container. So that the cleaning is of the most complete, we must not forget to use a good brush that is, beyond the toothpaste, our faithful ally for good oral hygiene.


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