Myths About Fruit And Oral Hygiene

While many recognize that cakes, cookies, candies, and soft drinks are not appropriate foods for the teeth, there are also snack foods rated as ‘healthy’ that can damage dental health. This is because the bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack the teeth when they eat some foods rich in sugars.


But even if you do not want to accept it, your teeth may already be too damaged by all the unhealthy sweet things you have been eating all your life, and you have not realized that you are avoiding the appointment with your best dentist for root canal in Tijuana.


Maybe you are a little worried, but you do not have to be afraid millions of teeth are treated this way every year, relieving the pain and making the teeth healthy again. But anyway if you do not want any discomfort back, you’re going to have to follow your dentist’s recommendation and leave the candies replacing it with fruits with cottage cheese.


Saliva, naturally, neutralizes the acid within one hour of the intake of a sweet to protect the enamel of the teeth, but these can only withstand a few attacks of acid a day before the enamel is damaged, which can cause the formation of cavities or other oral conditions. When you eat very sweet fruits, this process also happens.


In this way, when ingesting fruits thinking that thanks to their properties the teeth will be washed, in fact, it will be damaging the enamel, putting the teeth at risk. To avoid this, it is important to choose what food to take based on the benefits or damages that they will bring to the teeth and reduce the intake of snacks during the day. Three main meals a day and two snacks are the ideal amount to maintain good oral health, as long as we do not forget to brush our teeth at the end of each meal.


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