Pre and post surgery diet

By submitting to a plastic intervention, we are often assailed by the question of what we can and can not eat, and what foods will help me to better face the moment and recover before. If even after reading this article you still have some doubts you can resort to the opinion of the experts of JL Prado Surgical Center in Tijuana.


The days before surgery, you should follow a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding tobacco from at least ten days before, and reducing the intake of alcohol (and suppressing it 24 hours before in its entirety), as both hinder the blood circulation causing vasoconstriction and triggering blood pressure.

What to take:

* Fruits and vegetables: They are very light, so they will help us maintain our weight after the postoperative period, which usually requires some type of rest. In addition, they are rich in Vitamin C, which favors the formation of collagen, necessary for subsequent recovery, increases energy and promotes healing.

* Carbohydrates easily assimilated, such as pasta or wholegrain rice: They improve intestinal transit, something necessary, because the immobility of the surgery itself favors constipation. In addition, they help to make a good digestion and contribute to improve mood and activate serotonin or “happiness hormone”, which may be somewhat inactivated by lack of physical exercise.

* Proteins: Meat of chicken or turkey, red, fish, eggs, seafood. They are the best friends of the musculature, which is usually inactivated the following weeks due to compulsory rest and the impossibility, at times, of carrying weight for a while. “We must take into account the patient’s habits, and if it is vegan, increase protein consumption the previous days,” advised Dr. Tapia.

* Fats: That are good, never saturated: Avocado, olive oil, blue fish, nuts, and other nuts. In their just measure, they are healthy and necessary. But beware of the weight, “it is convenient to keep it stable before and after, so we will recover better”, adds the doctor.


24 hours before surgery, in addition to alcohol and tobacco, coffee must be eliminated, which can trigger blood pressure, nerves, and generate anxiety. We will take light and easily digested foods, and we will not ingest anything from the 24 hours of the previous night. If we need general anesthesia, we will have to assist in fasting.


* The diet should be similar to the previous days: fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and the necessary amount of proteins for tissue regeneration, to form new collagen and restore muscle.

* Nutritional supplements: Both before and after surgery, vitamin C and E and trace elements will help recovery and healing. You can start taking them several weeks before.

* Hydrate yourself well: lots of water, juices, teas and infusions.

* Take probiotics, favorable for the intestinal flora, in case of taking antibiotics, because they tend to alter it. Yes to yogurt enriched with bifidus.

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