Pre and post surgery diet

By submitting to a plastic intervention, we are often assailed by the question of what we can and can not eat, and what foods will help me to better face the moment and recover before. If even after reading this article you still have some doubts you can resort to the opinion of the experts […]

Mamografías: Lo Que Debe Saber Antes De Ir

Una mastografia en Tijuana con Diagnostico Madero sin duda es un paso importante para cuidarse y cuidar sus senos. Si usted es un novato en mamografías o un veterano, saber qué esperar puede ayudar a que el proceso sea más fácil. Cómo prepararse para su mamografía. Si tiene una opción, use un centro que se […]

What care does a dental implant need?

Prosthesis treatments on implants have increased exponentially in recent years due to the improvements that contribute to the quality of life of the patient. However, despite the advantages of these treatments, there are also cases in which the implant may fail, that is, the implant loses its attachment to the bone and becomes loose. If […]

How to know if you are a nervous person?

It is very likely that, if you are here, we may assume that you are a nervous person. The worst is that the nerves becomes anxiety and anxiety to eat for anxiety and eat for anxiety to gain weight, now that you can enter into reason you can try to lose weight, if you think […]

5 Ways to Fix Your Cracked Teeth

You’re crunching a piece of hard candy when you feel something hard in your mouth that doesn’t melt. And you realize it’s a broken tooth. Though the enamel that covers your teeth are remarkably strong, but it can still be broken or cracked. Being hit in the face or mouth, falling, or biting down on […]

How to make your own Toothpaste

More and more people are betting on developing their own personal hygiene products at home, as a way not only save money but also enjoy more natural formulas, without any chemical additives. From soaps to moisturizers, there are many products that we can make safely, as long as we have adequately informed ourselves on how […]

Myths About Fruit And Oral Hygiene

While many recognize that cakes, cookies, candies, and soft drinks are not appropriate foods for the teeth, there are also snack foods rated as ‘healthy’ that can damage dental health. This is because the bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack the teeth when they eat some foods rich in sugars.   But even […]

Things You Must Know Before Getting a Dental Implant

The mouth is a delicate area. Not only does it have a significant aesthetic impact when we relate to others, but also, the health problems in this area can affect our overall well being. For example, gum injuries can cause infections in other parts of the body if left untreated, and problems in the teeth […]

¿Cómo Llevarte Bien Con Tus Amigos?

¿Cómo Llevarte Bien Con Tus Amigos? Uno de los momentos más difíciles dentro de una relación llega cuando tienes que conocer a los amigos más cercanos de tu pareja. No te conocen, ni tú a ellos, por lo que una primera impresión puede ser determinante. Aquí te dejamos algunos consejos para que salgas bien parada […]

Habits to Have a Health

When you try to lose weight, it will be tempting to look for the easiest route; be it the most absurd diet, the diet pills and even the exercise routine of Victoria’s Secret models. But believe it or not, the most basic rules could give you better results, than the shortcuts that promise you miracles. […]

Foods That Produce Anxiety

If you have ever found yourself eating a few chips during a particularly stressful day, you know how much your emotions can affect the way you eat. The foods that are not healthy not only do much damage to your health, also to your teeth, that’s why you need Holistic Dentistry Tijuana, to have your […]

What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Several specialists say that the eyes can reveal much of the health of each person, since their veins, arteries and nerves can reflect what happens inside the organism. The eyes are one of the most important parts of your body just like your physical, so you have to take care of them in the same […]

Abnormal Abnormal Menstrual

Diabolic cramps and a steady diet of Ibuprofen may be more than enough to ask you: is this monthly agony normal? Sometimes, a little inflammation and cramping will be the order of the day, but at other times, the symptoms of your period could indicate something more serious. And when that happens, it’s time to […]

Do you have Hormonal Problems?

Hormones have a very important role in the functioning of our body. As part of our endocrine system, hormones are chemical messengers in our blood that control many of our bodily functions, from how much we do poop, to how fast our hair will grow. It is bad to have hormonal problems, now imagine that this […]

3 razones para considerar llevar a tus padres a un asilo de ancianos

Tu papel en una familia cambia repentinamente cuando tus padres comienzan a envejecer. El que una vez que cuidó de usted, ahora necesita alguien que cuide de el, aveces con necesidades especiales. Encontrará numerosos hogares de ancianos que harán estas cosas por usted, pero es una decisión difícil separarse de aquel con quien ha pasado […]

Can you Get Your Money’s Worth With Cosmetic Dental Surgery?

The aim to get a film star laugh prevails in the culture nowadays of ours, but many film stars have had considerable as well as regular dental work done. A real smile is actually a lovely thing, but many hide behind a raised hand whenever they smile or maybe they simply stay away from smiling […]

Five things which can damage your smile

Many individuals take reasonably great proper care of the teeth of theirs. So why are not the teeth of theirs as excellent as they need them to be? There’s a range of cream shades which is regarded typical. Not everybody starts out with gleaming white teeth. It is very normal to get a first shade […]

Importance of tooth extraction

Teeth are incredibly substantial part of the body. Nevertheless, whenever they get damaged because of several physical injuries or perhaps decay, next they are able to take serious complications to an individual. In order to keep you on the safe side, tooth extraction is actually among the most called upon services which are actually launched […]

Alternative medical treatment Cancer treatments.

Alternative care in Integrative Whole Health Clinic is actually a kind of medical attention that takes proper care of an individual is actually whole; mind, emotions, spirit along with the body with the goal of ensuring optimum health welfare. It’s likewise utilized to relate to the therapies aimed at treating an entire person rather than […]

You CAN afford buying the house of your dreams!

How many times have you imagined drinking a Piña Colada from your balcony while looking at the playful waves of the ocean? Your husband almost finished the barbecue, the kids are playing in your huge garden and you still cannot believe you’re living in such a beautiful house. Let’s not dream anymore and make that […]

Dental Extractions

Dental extraction refers to the removal of a tooth from dental socket in alveolar bone. Dental extraction is also referred to as exodontias, tooth extraction or exodontics. Generally natural teeth are supposed to last for the entire lifetime but sometimes dental extraction becomes necessary due to various factors. It’s a medical procedure by EG Dental […]

Learning Spanish Online: Being a Bilingual Traveler

In case working abroad or even traveling for work is just one of the career objectives of yours, learning how you can speak Spanish fluently with your online spanish coach will aid you get there. In an increasingly global market, being bilingual is going to help you talk with international customers, negotiate company deals abroad, as well […]